Tuesday, March 24, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm 
SOUL Sapienza, Via Cesare de Lollis, 22 - Roma.

10X Challenge - Moonshot Thinking: most companies would be happy to improve a product by 10%, but not Google. We believe when you aim for a 10x gain, you lean on bravery and creativity — the kind that, literally and metaphorically, can put a man on the moon. During this hands-on workshop, you will get the chance to learn the philosophy behind Google’s “moonshot thinking” and how it can lead to disruptive technologies which can positively impact people’s lives.

The workshop is designed for Management, Business, Marketing and Management Engineering students (penultimate and final year) who are interested in sales, management, etc.
Good level of English is required.

In order to attend the event, it is mandatory to apply at goo.gl/9LqHbZ by March 15, 2015 as places are limited.

Successful applicants will be informed via email by 20 of March.
Bring your hardcopy CV.

Google 10x Challenge for Sapienza Università di Roma