EU-FORA fellowship programme

European Food Safety Authority - EFSA organises the EU-FORA fellowship programme and offers to employees of competent organisations under Article 36 of EFSA’s founding regulation, an opportunity to gain expertise in food safety risk assessment.

For a period of 12 months of ‘learning-by-doing’, fellows will be placed at another European organisation involved in food safety risk assessment outside their home country. To complement the placement, joint training modules are arranged by EFSA in Parma, Vienna, Berlin and Athens. They will last six weeks in total and are mandatory for all fellows.

The principal focus of the EU-FORA fellowship programme lies on chemical and microbiological risk assessment. It is aimed at early to mid-career professionals from relevant fields such as: molecular biology, biology, microbiology, veterinary/human medicine or agronomy/agricultural science, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, food technology or toxicology.


  • November 2016 –  24 February 2017: Publication of call for fellows
  • March 2017: Offer of placements to successful candidates
  • September 2017: Start of the first 12 month fellowship programme

The deadline for applying is 24 February 2017, 12:00 hours CET.

Further information about requirements, benefits, application procedure, selection and placement procedure are available at: